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Friday 20130920 Open Workout

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Reps of 5,3,2, and 1 set max rep : add 5lbs at each interval from 9 September

Click here for a refresher.  If you were not here that day, click on the link to see what percentages you will use.  If you have not set your 3RM, you will do so today

Post reps of last round to Comments/LogWOD

Post weight used in all sets to comments section of LogWOD



3 Rounds:

1min AMRAP- Ring Dips

1min Rest

1min AMRAP- Push Jerk 135/95

1min Rest

1min AMRAP Row for Calories (set dampener on 7)

*Score= reps + cals

Post score to Comments/LogWOD

X-tra Work:

4 rounds: on a constantly moving 2min clock

200M Run

Max Rep Handstand Push Ups

See if you can increase the number of HSPUs each round


Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):

Roll out Upper Thoracic – at least 5minutes

Shoulder Flexion Mobility


baby bagA baby bag ready to go to the hospital with a TactFit onesie and baby hat.  This can mean only one thing.  Our own John and Kelly Hendricks are off to the hospital to welcome in the newest member of the Hendricks clan!  Prayers for a smooth delivery coming your way!