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Monday 20130902 Labor Day Workout @ 1000

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Schedule NOTE:  Happy Labor Day!  We will only have one class today.  It will be held at 1000.  For the rest of this month’s strength cycle it will be very important to get today, Tuesday, Thurs, and Friday’s Strength pieces in.  If you cannot make today, you can make it up at the beginning of Wednesday’s class.




Strict Press

Find 3 Rep Max


Post highest successful 3 rep set to Comments/LogWOD


Keep your mid-line tight through this movement as well as legs LOCKED out.  The slightest bounce turns this into a Push Press.  Not what we are looking for today.



5 Rounds:

200M Run

7 Strict Pull Ups

10 Push Press @ 60% of Press 3RM



Post time to Comments/LogWOD


X-Tra Work (Done on your own outside of class time):

(Beginner) 3X Max Rep Ring Dips

Rest as needed between attempts

(Intermediate) 50 Ring Dips



Cash Out:

Handstand Push Up Work – 5 Minutes