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Monday 20130923 Open Workout

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Baby HendricksAllow me to introduce Adeline Grace Hendricks.  Mom, dad, and baby are doing well.  We expect this little bundle of joy to be doing burpees in no time!




Weighted Dip


Use 75% of 13Aug weight (click here for a refresher)

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD





5 Rounds:
3 (per side) Turkish Get Ups

Use Kettlebell or Dumbbell

Increase weight each round

Rotate sides each rep or do one side at a time x3


Post highest successful weight used to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Kettlebell Seminar lead, Jeff Martone, going over the steps of the Turkish Get Up.  Martone outlines the three steps of the movement.

First there’s sitting up, then the transition to the knee and, finally, standing up.

While lying on the floor, your chest must be open. Then, ensure your knuckles remain in the same spot in space. Next, press, drive off the heel and keep coming up to a sitting position. This position, Martone cautions, does not involve merely rolling over or sitting straight up like a regular sit-up

“As you get stronger, you’re always shifting your weight to your forearm,” he explains. “But you gotta minimize weight to it and really work your core pretty hard.”

When it’s time to transition to the knee, push down the shoulder on the opposite side of the weight, push off with the heel and bring the leg through. Then, stand up while keeping the kettlebell in the same overhead position.



X-tra Work:

Skin the Cat

Rest as needed between

Video courtesy of Paradiso CrossFit.  Demonstration of a full Skin the Cat and scaling/spotting options



Homework (done outside of class on your own):

Tricep Stretch x1min a side – do twice per arm


Lying Extended Ab stretch – 4x30sec