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Monday 20130909 Open Workout

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Press –

5 @ 75% of 3RM

3 @ 80%

2 @ 85%

1 set Max Reps @ 90%

Post reps of last set to Comments/LogWOD

In comments section of LogWOD, post weight used in each set

We set our 3RM on Press on 2Sept (click here for a refresher).  If you were not here or did not set it on Wednesday, you will set it today.



2 Min Max Handstand Push Ups

1 Min Rest

2 Min (Left hand) Dumbbell Thruster 35/20

1 Min Rest

2 Min (Right hand) Dumbbell Thruster 35/20

1 Min Rest

2 Min Max Double Unders

Score = Total Reps

Post score to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of Team CrossFit USA.  In one-arm dumbbell thrusters, use your free arm for balance.


X-tra Work:

Beginner) 3x Max Pull-Ups


Intermediate) 3x Max Weighted Chin-ups

* pick a weight you can handle for at least 8 reps


Home Work (Done on your own, outside of class time):

Shoulder Stretch and Flexion Mobility


Video courtesy of NYC Fusion Trained.  And example of Shoulder flexion mobility


drea OHPic from last year’s Snow Bowl put on by our friends at CrossFit Omaha.  Registration is now open for this year’s event.  Click on the pic to go to the registration site.  See the lazy guy in jeans and the yellow shirt?  Yeah, he’ll be in it this year!!!!
And, if you do not want to compete, you can sign up to help be a judge, medical staff, or helper.  This was such an awesome event and this year it will be at the Civic Center downtown.  Be there!