Tuesday 20130917 Open Workout

Posted: September 16, 2013 by totactfit01 in Uncategorized

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  There will be an all-Tactfit meeting in the TactFit area at 1830 this Wednesday.  We invite all TOTF members to be there.  This community is only as strong as its members.  Please have a BIG showing!


Who says persistence doesn’t pay off?  Our own Nico Corea getting not only his first, but first 2 Muscle Ups!  Nice work bro!  But now we got to see it at the gym for it to count 🙂

We would love anytime any of the rest of you have a PR you want to share with the community.  Send it our way!


gorilla squatpic courtesy of LiftBigEatBig


Back Squat 

Reps of 5,3,2, and 1 set max rep : add 5lbs at each interval from 12 September

Click here for a refresher.  If you were not here that day, click on the link to see what percentages you will use.  If you have not set your 3RM, you will do so today

Post reps of last round to Comments/LogWOD

Post weight used in all sets to comments section of LogWOD



Squat Clean Thruster

Establish 1Rep Max

15 Min Time Cut

Post highest successful Squat Clean Thruster to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Matt Chan showing the proper technique for a Squat Clean Thruster, or “Cluster” as he calls them.  So, the bar will start on the ground, you will go into a full (squat) clean, but instead of just standing up, you will go from the bottom of the squat into a Thruster.  Move as heavy a load as you can.


X-tra Work:

Clean & Jerk w/ log bar


* increase weight each set


Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):

Tricep Mash 2min side

Couch Stretch 3min side

  1. Mieke says:

    hey hey Nico! Way to go buddy!

  2. […] here for a refresher.  If you were not here that day but have a 3RM on Back Squat, you will use this […]

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