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Thursday 20130523 Open Workout

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Schedule Note!  Due to Friday and next Monday being Down Days for the 4-Day Memorial Day weekend, we will only have one class this Friday and next Monday.  Both days will be at 0900.  Please make note.



Push Press + Push Jerk 7×2+1 @ 70% of Clean and Jerk 1RM

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

Look back in your log book or LogWOD to see how much you did on 3May2013 (click here for a refresher)

So, the way this will work per set is, you’ll take the bar from the rack, do 2 Push Presses, then 1 Push Jerk.

The is ALL we are doing today, so make each and every rep as crisp and perfect as possible.  Remember, not everyday is about being smoked and laying on your back at the end of a crazy WOD.  We also need to focus on the techniques that will allow us to move more weight over a longer distance in a shorter amount of time.  Today is one of those days.  Make the most of it!

Video courtesy of Norcal CrossFit.  2009 CrossFit Games champ, Jason Khalipa going over the set up and execution of all three presses.  Watch the Press sequence for a good refresher.  The Push Press part starts at 2:30.  Once again, make sure your technique s solid today.  Don’t overarch your back and don’t hunch forward.

Cash Out:

10 Minutes of  Shoulder mobility (use drills on Mobility Posters on the gym wall)

Firebreather Piece (Done on your own time outside of class):

2 Rounds:
-30sec Max Strict Muscle Ups
-30sec Rest
-30sec Max Kipping Muscle Ups
-30sec Rest
-30sec Max C2B Pull ups
-30sec Rest
-30sec Max Pull ups
-2:30min Rest

Papillion HAlfKim Groeper, Kayla Sharp, and Chris Daniels at the Papaillion Half Marathon last week.  Way to kill it guys!