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Friday 20130510 Open Workout

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April AM On-ramp

Pic from our latest AM On-Ramp class.  So proud of each of you!  Welcome to the family!

Day 99 of the 100-Day Burpee Challenge!

one…..more……day!  One guess on what tomorrow’s WOD will be….


Handstand Progression, Part Two:

Negatives – 3 rounds of 4 reps each round.

Video courtesy of Magnus Hultberg.  Get in a full handstand against the wall, then take five seconds to bring your head to the ground.  Come off the wall each rep and kick back up into a handstand.


3 Rounds for Time:
100 Double Unders
10 Dumbbell Thrusters @50% of Barbell thruster 1RM
10 Toes 2 Bar
100m DB Farmer Carry (40#/20#)

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Cash Out:

Heel cord mash – 1 min per
Couch Stretch – 2 min per

Firebreather Piece (Always done outside of class, on your own time):

Free HSPU Progression:
10 attempts to:
Hold headstand for 15sec + 1 push-up to handstand

Video courtesy of CrossFit DPC.  Try getting into a tripod, then to a headstand, then to a push-up to a handstand.  Just work on keeping the core tight, and get to a full lock out.