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Tuesday 20130507 Open Workout

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Day 96 of the 100-Day Burpee Challenge! (Only 4 days to go, tactfitters!)


Handstand Push Up Progression

Step 1- Handstand Hold:
Hold on wall with good shoulder position for 3 rounds of 30seconds (or until form breaks)

Video courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  In this video, Carl Paoli explains why practicing Handstands with your chest against the wall is better than with your back against the wall. Carl demonstrates ways to get into, scale, and balance the handstand (with chest against the wall) that is otherwise not possible with the handstand (with back against the wall).  Try both versions today if you want to feel the difference.


4 Rounds Not For Time:

Sandbag complex:
3 of each until you move on to the next…
Hang Clean
Front Squat
Shoulder to Overhead
Shoulder Get-Up

Increase weight each round (modeling after the Bear Complex)

In other words:

-do three deadlifts with a sand bag

-do three hang cleans, etc…

-all the way through to three shoulder get ups.


Video courtesy of MBody Strength.  For Shoulder get ups with the sandbag, go through the same sequence you would for a Turkish Get Up, just instead of holding a dumbbell/kettlebell overhead, you will have the bag draped over a shoulder. This takes quite a bit of skill, so make sure you’re ready for the difference before increasing weights.

Cash Out:

-Reverse Hypers 3×20-   increase weight as each set begins
-2 Minute hang from pullup bar with pronated grip

Firebreather Piece (Note: this is always done outside of class on your own time):

Handstand Walk Progression: Work on lightly falling against wall as you get into your handstand. Increase distance on the attempt once comfortable with the previous successful handstand walk. Suggestion: Use the combat wrestling mats, so long as you take your shoes off & there is not a class in session.

Mobility Attention: Upper Thoracic

Mark Allen Brickhouse CrossFitTOTFer, Mark Allen, reppin’ at Brickhouse CrossFit in VA.  Remember, if you hit a box while traveling, get a pic!…extra points for handstand…double that for one-arm handstand…or pistols in the snow…or a human clean….get creative!