Tuesday 20130528 Open Workout

Posted: May 27, 2013 by totactfit01 in Uncategorized

TOTF Murph 2013Big thanks to all who came out for Memorial Day Murph.  You guys are what make this community great!


now, on to today’s work…



Jerk Dip Squat + Power Jerk 3×3+3 @ 80% of Jerk 1RM

Post weight used to Comment/LogWOD


Video courtesy of Shelton Stevens.  The Jerk Dip Squat is essentially the Jerk Dip/Drive without punching the weight up.  So, per round, do 3 of those, then 3 power (push) jerks.




20Min AMRAP:
5 Curtis Ps (115/70)(135/95 for Firebreathers)
50 Double Unders


Post rounds completed to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of Seal Fit.  As a reminder, a Curtis P is 1 power clean, 1 lunge left foot, 1 lunge right foot, 1 push press.  Keep the torso upright through the movements.


Cash Out:

-Glute Ham Raise 4×15

-Couch stretch x3 min per leg



Firebreather Piece (Done on your own time outside of class):

Push Press 5×3 @ 80% of C&J 1RM

five minutes later…

100 Push-ups for Time



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