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Wednesday 20130529 Open Workout

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Clean Deadlift into Clean Extension 3×3 @ 120% of Clean 1RM


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Video courtesy of Wil Fleming.  A good example between a traditional dead lift and a Clean Dead lift.  With the Clean Dead lift (as we will be doing today), the bar path begins with the bar coming back towards the body, so that means you need to get the knees out of the way.  Today we’ll focus on 1st and 2nd pull of the clean.  Focus on the bar path going back on 1st pull, then continue to push knees back, keep shoulders over the bar as you come up, then explosively open the hips and shrug up HARD for the 2nd pull.  Finish with triple extension (hips, knees, ankles)



4 Rounds:
10 Toe2Bar
12 Alternating Kettlebell Snatches (1.5/1) (2/1.5 for FB)
200M Run

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Goal= Go unbroken per movement.  Meaning when you start your Toe2Bar, go unbroken.  Then, rest as needed before starting KB snatch, but do what you can to go unbroken.  Then, don’t stop during run.  This is a training day, where we want perfect form in the moves over speed.  The unbroken aspect is to push your endurance through the movement.  Can they keep perfect form and NOT stop per movement?  Challenge yourself! Doing it for time is an afterthought.  The goal is UNBROKEN!  This means if you want to mark this as RX’d, then each section must be done UNBROKEN.



Cash Out:

-Reverse Hyper extensions with a 3 sec negative – 4 rounds of 20
-Hang from pull up bar x 2 minutes


Firebreather Piece (Done on your own time outside of class):

Clean High Pull: Establish 3RM

60 Total GHD’s

SaltTOTF member and current Shadow Coach David “Salt” Bacot (not to mention 2WXG Commander.  Notice how many Sq and Group Commanders we have at TactFit?  Talk about leading from the front!) representing TactFit at AllSport CrossFit.  Our legend keeps growing….