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Monday 20130506 Open Workout

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Day 95 of the 100-Day Burpee Challenge!

Final week!  Would really stink to miss a day and have to make it up on the next day….

Starting today, we will see an increase in Olympic lift variations in the strength portion of our workouts.  The reason for this is to help build upon what we’d started on Friday, 3May2013.  This is the next evolution in our strength building area.  Over the last few months, we’ve helped to establish a good basic strength foundation (mainly through press/squat/pulling movements).  Now, we are going to add speed, accuracy, and balance to the mix.  It takes time to get proficient in these lifts, and we hope what we have in the works over the next few months will help.


Snatch Push Press:

7×2 (60% of Snatch 1RM.  A lot of you should have set a new 1RM last Friday)
Sets start Every Minute On the Minute

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of Travis Cooper.   For the Snatch grip Push Press, take bar out of the squat rack with your hands at snatch grip.  Keeping the torso upright, do a controlled shallow dip, and then drive up quickly, letting the hips pop the bar off your shoulders.  Have your arms and shoulders finish the lock out.  Notice a key point in this video: Travis bends his knees as the bar comes back down on his shoulders.  This will help absorb the shock.

followed by….

Snatch Balance:
5×2 Working up in weight (5 min prep then sets start every 2min)

followed by…

Every Minute on the Minute for 9 minutes

1 Snatch Balance @ Heaviest weight from above

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Coach Bergener going over the set up and execution of the snatch balance.  Feel not that stable at the bottom of your snatch?  These will help!

Cash Out:

Strict Pull Ups


Rep counts if you get chin above the bar

Firebreather Piece (Done outside of class on your own time):

2 Position Paused Snatch High Pull:

5×2 @ 110% of ending snatch balance weight

Video courtesy of Joeperformanceone.  Chris Lee hitting the 2 position snatch.  Do one rep of from the ground, then, hold on to the bar, and go from the hang.  Goal is not to let go of the bar until after the hang snatch.  And yes, full squat on both.