Wednesday 20150114 Open Workout

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Split Jerk Skill Work

Foot Work Drills

Tall Jerk

Jerk Balance

NOT a 1RM day.  Keep weight light to moderate.  We are working Skill and technique

How to Work on Your Split Jerk

Courtesy of Jaimie at CrossFit Invictus


Team WOD

9 minute AMRAP

Partner 1 Carries a total of five 45# weights, 7 mats lengths, one at a time and stacks them

Partner 2 conducts AMRAP Abmat Situps

Switch work and keep going


Rest 3 mins


6 minute AMRAP

Partner 1 rows 15 Cal

Partner 2 KB Swings (53/35)

Switch when partner hits 15 Cals

Score is all Abmat situps and all KB swings


Scaling Options:

Carry weight suggested at 45# for all male/female

KB Swings – weight as needed.  American or Russian for shoulders



Spend 5 minutes rolling out thoracic and legs

Get the Lacrosse ball out to pressure glutes

Video courtesy of Kelly Starret at MobilityWOD.

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