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Wednesday 20150107 Open Workout

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What a BIG turnout we had on Monday!  Love seeing this!  Know what I love even more?  Seeing this happen ALL THE TIME!  You all showed you can make it to class.  Now show me you can do it CONSISTENTLY!


Kip and Kipping Pull Up Progression Continued

Video courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  After the last two progressions yesterday, we continue on. In this progression Carl breaks down the Kipping Pull Up on the bar by building on the the Bar Kip to assist Pull Ups and to make them quicker. It’s important to take the time to practice this skill, especially the transition from the Kip to the Pull Up, and then from the push down back into the Kip. Transitions are where much of the magic happens, and often where most of the faults occur!



For Time:

Run 1 mile*

*Every minute, stop and do 10 Air Squats


Scaling Options:

If you can’t run – Row 1600m

Every 2 minutes, stop and do 20 Air Squats


Snatch Balance


Increase weight each round, but hit each rep perfect. If form goes south, decrease weight


Banded hamstring stretch – 2 min per side

Video courtesy of Barbell Shrugged