Monday 20141103 Open Class

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A big Happy Birthday from all of TOTF to Bobby Smith! 



Bench- Set a 3RM

4×3 increasing weights

The next 2 weeks is all about setting a 3rm on the lifts.  This 3rm is what we will use moving into using Greyskull Linear Progression. Increase the weight thru 4 sets of 3 reps.  The last set should be your new 3rm…make sure they keep this number as we will be using 70% of that come 17 Nov.



Half “Chelsea”

EMOM for 15 min

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

Score=total successful rounds

If you cannot complete the work in a required minute, complete the round you are on and then rest the remainder of that minute. Start up the next round at the minute mark.  Just note, this means the minute you did not complete does not count in total successful rounds. Ex. In minute 10, I don’t finish at the end of the minute, so, when minute 11 starts, I am still finishing up the work of minute 10.  Once done, I stop and rest the remainder of minute 11, then start back up in minute 12.  I make all the work for the rest of the rounds, so my score will be 14 rounds

Scaling Options:

Banded Pull-ups

Push Ups on knees(for up motion only)



2 min doorway stretch

2 min banded lat stretch

2 min Kneeling Forearm Stretch



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