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Friday 20141114 Open Class

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Coach Gassman talking to the TOTF Coaches. What an incredible experience! 


Friday 14 Nov: In addition to Normal Schedule
1000-1400 Resilience Fair at STRATCOM Cafeteria. 

Saturday 15 Nov: Please RSVP for both events via facebook or email to Jeff or Kimberly  
0900-1400 In house Fun Event (no fee/no judge) 

1500 Pot luck dinner party



Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.

Overhead Squat- Set a 3RM

4×3 increasing weights

This 3rm is what we will use moving into using Greyskull Linear Progression. Increase the weight thru 4 sets of 3 reps.  The last set should be your new 3rm…make sure they keep this number as we will be using 70% of that come 17 Nov.



HS Walk work.

Work progressions.   Try to set a new PR in distance

Stop class 10 min to the hour and work OH and hip mobility



Video courtesy of Manchester Personal Trainer.

Keg stretch

3×1 min

Couch stretch

3×2 min per leg