Thursday 20140828 Open Class

Posted: August 27, 2014 by ladygrape01 in Uncategorized


Come cheer on Jeff Hart and Kimberly Groeper, Team Less Twerkin’ More Jerkin’, first WOD Saturday @ 11:35am.

Please note that we would like as many of you  as possible at the Mid- America Center in Council Bluffs for The Battle in the Fall this weekend to cheer on your fellow TOTF athletes. Therefore, we will be canceling class Saturday. Sorry for any inconvenience. 



Deadlift –



5+ x 85%

add 10lbs complete a single x 3

(do not max out!)

Increase Training Max- use 110% of 5RM as the TM, use 100% of 3RM as TM, use 85% of 1RM found last week

*if missed week prior- add 5lbs to UB lifts and 10lbs to LB lifts



EMOM for 13 Min

Snatch (135/95)

50’ Bear crawl

Snatch = Full Snatch and then perform a 50ft bear crawl

Scaling Options:

Snatch – 70% of 1RM



Body Weight Reverse Hyper on GHD 4×15

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