Wednesday 20140219 Open Workout

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Coach Homar Sanchez and Shadow Coach Mimi Smith-Munroe will be competing this weekend in Battle in the Bluffs. Come cheer them on at: Event 1, Friday at 9:45pm. Event 3, Saturday at 12pm. Event 4 Saturday 5:30pm. Event 6, Sunday at 8:20am. 


Make up Snatch High Pull or

Practice Rowing Sprint Pulls


highest successful 2-rep to Comments/LogWOD


Josh Bridges, Dan Bailey, and Rich Froning demonstrate a fun game of “Rowling”. Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ

“Rowling” (rowing+bowling=rowling)

10 Rounds:


*Penalties –

2 Burpees for every meter under 100,

1 Hand Release Push Up for every meter over 100

Post Scores to Comments/ LogWOD

X-tra Work:

50 GHD Situps

Break these up however you need to, to get them done 

Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):


Rest, Stretch, and Hydrate

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