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Tuesday 20140225 Open Workout

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Rod & Jen comp

Great job Jen on your first competition and Rod on your second! 


Deficit deadlitfs  increase your range of motion, increase the strength of your lift off the floor, and strengthen your lockout.  You want to be two to four inches off the ground, otherwise set up is just like a standard deadlift. Start with a tight core, straight flat back, put tension on the bar, pull knees back as you bring hips up, drive through the heels, and open the hip fully at the top. Video courtesy of Rouge.

Deficit Deadlift


15 min time cap

Post Weight to Comments/ LogWOD


Partner WOD

4 Rounds:

10 Med Ball Sit Up Toss (sit 6 ft away from eachother)

5 Strict Pull Ups

400M Run w/Med Ball (can pass it back and forth)

Post Scores to Comments/ LogWOD

X-tra Work:

Close-grip Bench 3×6 @ heaviest weight possible

Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):

Mobility Work