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Tuesday 20140211 Open Workout

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carly muscle up

TOTF’s Carly competing last weekend in the “Classics” 2 put on by CrossFit Vise and CrossFit Artis.  Speaking of competing, Tuesday is the last day to register for the Battle In the Bluffs.  This will be a huge competition for the local area.  Don’t miss out!  Click on the picture to go to the registration site.


Bar Muscle Up Work

Videos courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  In this series Coach Carl breaks down the Bar Muscle Up movement into a few strength and skill progressions to help you pull up over the bar and into the support position.

In this first video, Carl discusses the strength component required for the Bar Muscle Up, where having a hip-to-bar pull up is ideal. To start, practice your chin-to-bar pull ups, chest-to-bar pull ups, and then your belly- or hip-to-bar pull ups to get the height required to clear the bar.

In this video, Carl breaks down the transition of the Bar Muscle Up movement. Similar to a Kipping Ring Row or Hanging Bar Row, the transition starts off with a big hip drive to the bar — this is the same hip thrust from the end of your Hip-to-Bar pull up. While you are floating in a globally extended position from the hip drive with your head and chest over the bar, use that moment of weightlessness to do a fast sit up and fold over the bar. Note that as you do you sit-up, you do want your legs to drop so they can facilitate the rotation of your upper body to finish over the bar.

In this video, Carl brings the movement back to the high bar and puts it all together. Carl focuses on maximizing the use of the hips to do the transition, almost like a fast GHD Sit Up when at the top of the Pull Up. Remember to keep your toes down to be able to rotate over the bar. Finally, work on improving internal rotation at the shoulder to increase mobility for this movement.


For Time:

20 Bar Muscle Ups

20 Kettlebell Snatches (1.5/1) per arm

20 Deadlifts (315/255)

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X-tra Work:

4 sets of 15-20 Banded Face Pulls


Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):

-2 minutes each leg. Roll out Quads, Hamstring, IT Band

-Overhead banded shoulder and lats stretch