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Thursday 20140213 Open Workout

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The Open starts February 27, 2014, there is still time to get signed up. CrossFit is about community and competing against each other and ourselves. The Open is the perfect opportunity for just that! Once you sign up, don’t forget to join the TOTF affiliate and team CrossFit Team Offutt Tactical Fitness. We are going to be doing the open WODs Fridays and Saturdays anyway… just saying. 

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20 Min AMRAP:

400M Run

8 Alt Split Snatch (115/85)

50 Double Unders

Post Rounds to Comments/ LogWod

Video courtesy of George Street. (Jump to 2:20-3:51 mark and you’ll see the movement specific warm up we will do to prep for the Split Snatch.  Jump shrug/scarecrow/muscle snatch stay the same.  Then, push press from behind/lunge while pressing/snatch balance into lunge. )  Remember, the Split Snatch is complete when feet come back together!

X-tra Work:

50 Glute Ham Raises

Video Courtesy of Genesis Fitness & Performance. As he points out in the video; go down to parallel, the posterior chain stays activated throughout the movement, and no break in the hips.

Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):

2 minutes per side calf stretch each leg– Hold 10 rest 5

3 minutes of thoracic overhead on a roller