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Friday 20140214 Open Workout

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This Valentines Day do something You Love, starting with Cleans and Jerks!


In 15 Minutes, set 1RM in (Full) Clean

Video Courtesy of CrossFit HQ. As Miranda Oldroyd points out start with a deadlift, hip extension, shrug, pull yourself down and get under the bar. Once you are in the squat, and you have the bar in the front rack position, get the elbows high and drive up. 

Rest five minutes, then…


In 10 Minutes, set 1RM in Jerk from Rack

Post Weight to Comments/ LogWOD

X-tra Work:

3 sets of False Grip Ring Pullups (max reps)


Picture courtesy of CrossFit Blue Ash. The purpose of the false grip is to elevate your wrist so it’s the same height as the bottom of the rings. Without this wrist elevation it’s virtually impossible to rotate your hands and continue into a dip. Practicing your ring pull-ups today with the false grip will help you later with your ring muscle-ups.

Homework (Done on your own time outside of class):

-Olympic Wall Squat-2 min

-Couch Stretch-2 min

-2 minutes a side of Lacrosse mash the scapula with moving arm overhead then down across hip