Monday 20130723 Open Workout

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Burgener Warm Up

10 empty bar Snatch Balance to prep for..


Snatch Ladder

The clock will be on a 30sec interval. When the timer starts you will be given 25 seconds to perform 1 rep. If you cannot perform the 1 rep within the 25 seconds you are done. The other 5 second is a rest period given to you to move to then next station. Keep going up the ladder until you cannot complete your 1 rep in the 25 seconds given.

You will have the choice of power or full squat snatch. If you do power, once locked out at the top, you must attempt an Over Head Squat. If you miss the OHS, it will not stop you from moving to the next weight. But, you do need to at least get a successful power snatch to move on

If you does full squat snatch, you have to fully stand up with hips open for rep to count. Unlike doing Power snatch, once locked at the top you won’t have to drop into a second OHS.

Weights will start as follows…


65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165….


45, 55, 65, 75, 85….

We’ll keep adding weight if you keep going up.

Post highest successful weight to comments/

Photo courtesy of Rob Macklem.  Andrei Rybakou setting a world record in snatch.  Notice the sequence he goes through in the movement.  Notice, his arms never bend until he fully extends his hips and shrugs up.  Then, and only then, does he start the scarecrow pull.  Once he pulls the bar to the highest poitn he can, he pulls himself UNDER the bar as quickly as possible, landing in a strong, solid overhead squat position at the bottom.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, that 187 kg he just snatched?  412 pounds.

Why are we insisting on you getting a full squat snatch or doing an Overhead Squat after a power snatch?  Are we mean?  Do we like making things difficult?  Depends on the day 🙂   Seriously, we do it becuase these are the times you test if you have learned the lessons we have been teaching you on complex movements like the snatch.  Sure, anyone with some strength can muscle a bar with weight overhead.  But it takes an athlete who understands body control, has the agility to move their body in the proper sequence of movements, and maintain the proper balance to sucessfully complete the move properly and safely.  If you can do the snatch properly and efficiently, you will progressively move more weight while limiting the chance of injury.  Wouldn’t you rather do that than heave a load of weight up in sloppy form and risk the chance of throwing out your back?

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Some clips from the 2012 CrossFit Northwest Regionals during the Team Snatch Ladder WOD.  Kind of give you an idea of what one looks like and the kind of excitement it can bring out of folks.  Will we see some PRs today?  Get after it folks!

Cash Out:

Roll out complete body.  Spend a minimum of 20 seconds on each section.  If you find an area in need of extra care, spend some extra time there.

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