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Monday 20120709 Open Workout

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Practice Double Unders (5min)

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  This video was after the 2010 CrossFit Games.  Coach Hollis Malloy training 2009 Games Champ Mikko Salo on proper double under position.  Can you believe the guy who won the ’09 Games still had holes in his game a year later?  This shows the importance of being WELL ROUNDED in all aspects of Fitness, which is what we hope to achieve for all of you.

Main points to remember out of this are, keeping your body in a good, upright position (keep the core and butt tight).  Jump STRAIGHT UP, and fully extend the legs and fully open the hips. (no donkey kicks or piking of the body).  Keep the arms relaxed and in front of the body, with palms facing up.  Spin at the wrists, not at the elbow.  Relax your shoulders!  When jumping, to help keep you in the right position, envision a ceiling only 1-2 inches above your head.  every time you jump, try to hit your head to the imaginary ceiling.

Following practice, we will do…

2min AMRAP:

Double Unders

 Post total successful double unders to comments/


Tabata front squats 95/65 (weight will come from the ground each round, not from a rack)

Video below courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Some good points by K-Starr.  Good stuff to work prior to Front Squats.

Post total reps completed to comments/

Cash Out:

3×10 GHD situps
3×10 Strict pull-ups

What a great bunch of folks.  I would like to thank Kyle Gundrum, John Palumbo, Bryan Holm, John Hendricks, Brooke Bynum, Bridgett Kramer, Leah Reichwaldt, Angie Hobbs, Ben Yates, Vashon Bynum, Steve and Tammy Pakusch, Mieke Oostveen, and Cheryl Holm (she was taking this picture) for coming out to CFO and participating in the Sunday FUNday Throwdown.  Great time was had by all!  And special congrats to Mieke, Kyle, and Angie for being on the team who tied for first place in the scaled division.  All of you guys should pat yourselves on the back for putting in the work.  I’m proud of each and every one of you.  And, we hope to see even more of you TOTF athletes coming out next time and joining in the fun!  Besides getting you fit, CrossFit is also about community.  Not just the great one we have at Offutt, but the whole CrossFit community around the world.  Events like this are great for seeing other members of that community.  Hopefully we’ll have more like this down the road.  Stay Tuned!