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Tuesday 20120703 Open Workout

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Find 2RM of Push Press
10 reps w/empty bar,then sets of  7, 5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, increasing weight each set.  Your last set of 2, you should be going for a new 2 rep max

Video courtesy of CFXAthlete and CrossFit HQ.  Some good tips about proper set up for the push press.

In your dip, make sure you  knees go forward, butt back, chest up. To get maximum performance, you have to maintain this good set up.  If you lean too far forward, you take the shoulders out of position, creating unneeded stress on the shoulder joint, leading to sub-par performance.  If you lean too far back, you put your body in an unsafe position and prevent the hip from getting its full range of motion, thereby not allowing full power to be generated to heave the weight up.

Post 2RM to comments/


250m Row –  4 times (30sec rest between)
Rest 3:30min
250m Row – 4 times (30sec rest between)

Unlike the 3K row we did last week, these rowing segments are quick sprints.  Hold nothing back!

Post quickest time to comments/

Cash Out:

Hold Handstand against wall for 1min

Video courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.
If you have successfully gotten a minute handstand hold before, give this version a try.
As Carl mentions, we want to do movements that are always progressing us.  By doing the handstand with chest to the wall, you are able to engage your core better, hold that hollow body position better.  What will this lead to?  Better body control that will eventually enable you to perform free-standing hand stands, which lead to handstand walks.  See?  Progression

Well, we have three teams and two individuals going to the CrossFit Omaha Throw down this Sunday.  Even if you are not competing, please come cheer on your TactFit brothers and sisters.  Competition starts at 1100.  Hope to see you there!