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Thursday 20120719 Open Workout

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Snatch Hit and Catch Drill from Hang position:

Video courtesy of California Strength.  Coach Glenn Pendlay walks his guys through first getting a good proper snatch grip.  Once this is estalished, we will then follow the drill he has his guys do to get you used to catching the bar in the overhead position and then work on the progressive drop to the full overhead squat position you need to hit for a successful full snatch.  Not to give anything away, but this drill will be beneficial in the very near future….


5min AMRAP:

Back Squats – Use Body Weight

Video courtesy of CrossFit Love.  WARNING, a little bit of pg-13 language in this one. 
Don’t focus on this guy’s squat depth, it could be better.  What I want you to notice is the guy coaching this athlete instructs him to slow down his pace.  Why?  To keep him at a pace that will allow him to move the entire time.  That is your goal today, to grind through 5 minutes.  DO NOT rack the bar through the whole time.  That’s it.  300 seconds is all you have to SAFELY squat through.  Then you’ll have the other 86,100 seconds in the day all to yourself.  Can you do it?  The question isn’t CAN you do it.  I know your body CAN do it.  You CAN do anything for 5 minutes.  The real question is WILL you?  WILL you accept the challenge today?  WILL you put aside doubt and fear and embrace the grind?  Guess we’ll find out soon enough.


Put TOTAL reps completed in 5 minutes to comments/

Cash Out:

Couch Stretch  – 2 min per leg

Wall squat stretch – 2 min