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Friday 20120713 Open Workout

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High bar back squat
3×5 @85% of regular Back Squat 1RM
*Rest 3:30 between sets*


Video courtesy of CrossFit Craic. Big difference between a low bar and a high bar back squat is with high bar, you really focus on keeping your torso as upright as you can, similar to a front squat.  Obviously, this will take the stress away from the posterior chain, putting more emphasis on the quads. So why would we do this? Simple, the technique transfers over to lifts such as front squats, thrusters, full squat cleans.  We are helping strengthen those positions while still getting your body control better for squats.

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For Time (With Empty bar):
50 back squats
25 hang squat snatch
25 hang squat cleans
25 Strict Presses, NO push
25 Bent over rows

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Cash Out:

400M Sprint

A few folks that know a little something about running.  Way to work, Brooke, Vashon, Kyle, Steve, Tammy, and Angie!