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Tuesday 20120717 Open Workout

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Deadlift: in no less than 10 sets find 2RM


Video courtesy of Again Faster.  Erik Preston teaching the deadlift.  One of the big issues we see in deadlifts is folks seem to round their backs prior to a deadlift.  This is a quick way to get yourself injured.  Watch the video for some good cues on fixing this issue through the whole deadlift. Also, as they say in the video, do a quick self-check prior to picking the bar up.  Ensure your set up is perfect everytime. Last but not least, keep the head in a neutral position.

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Tabata: Row for calories (8 rounds)

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Cash Out:

3×12 – GHD

3×12 – Reverse Hypers

Speaking of deadlifts, we have a new member of the 400# club.  Way to move some weight Coach Bryan!