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Tuesday 20120710 Open Workout

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Press 10-8-6-4-2
Last set should be within 5lbs of your 2RM
No more than 3min rest between.  Add weight each set.

Post weight used for set of 2 to comments/

Add in comments if the 2 rep weight was a PR (personal record) and is now your new 2RM

For those who didn’t write their 2RM for Strict Press down in their log books, look back on 7May.

And looking back on that day, no comments were written, so no one logged their numbers there.  A quick look at LOGWOD shows me the following people kept track of what they did…

Jerome Agnew 115
Braden Hestermann 115
Jason Howell 115
Jeremy Thompson 125
Jeffery Miller 125
Randy Norwood 185
Jackie Griego 65

So, hopefully the rest of you that were around back then wrote your weights down in your personal log.  As this shows, it is very important to keep track of your results from every WOD you do so the next time the same WOD or a WOD that uses a percentage from a 1RM you did, you’ll be able to know exactly how much to use instead of guessing.  Guessing leads to questionable results.  Why not use the resources you have at your disposal?

You could either…

– track your WODs using a notebook, or one of the TOTF Logbooks (see John Hendricks if you want one)

– leave a comments on these posts.  Putting a comment here serves two purposes.  Not only does it act as a record of what you did, it also builds our community.  This is YOUR social network folks.  Use it! 🙂

– put it in LOGWOD!  If you don’t have a LOGWOD account, email me at and I will set one up for you.


5 Rounds For Time:
10 Pendlay row 95/65
10 Squat Cleans 95/65
10 push press 95/65
1 power snatch  95/65

*rest 30sec btwn Rounds*

Enter time completed to comments/

Video courtesy of Powerman DL.  A Pendlay row is a strict bent over row.  Main things to remember are…

– Keep your back flat the whole time.  Once you are in position, do not overly arch the back.

– Bar starts at the ground for every rep.  When you bring it back to the ground, do so under control, meaning don’t let it slam to the ground.

– Pull bar into your stomach

Cash Out:

Hold a hollow position on back for 1min

Pic Courtesy of Mobility WOD

Hold hollow position push up for 1min

Pic courtesy of CrossFit 101.  Keys to holding the hollow body push up…

– Front of toes are on the ground, forcing you to point your toes.

– Hips and shoulders are at the same height.  This keeps you from sagging your hips.

– Push the abs as far into you as you can.  Imagine they are coming out your back!  Yes, this will result in what looks like a cat-back position.  When doing the hollow body in a push up, this is allowed.  These are needed movements for core strength development.

TOTF’s own Mark Peterson sporting our colors at CrossFit 801 while he’s up in Utah.  GOt any good pics of you at another box while you were traveling?  Shoot them my way.  Tell you what, from here on out, anyone who sends me a pic of themselves doing a handstand at another box automatically gets put on the site!