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Monday 20120716 Open Workout

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Practice (Full Squat) Clean & Jerk

Video courtesy of CrossFit Athlete Lab, located in Minnesota.

Full Squat Clean Notes: -Maintain chest up and lumbar curve of the spine.  Hips will be slightly lower than when you deadlift. -Once the bar hits the mid-thigh and hits your contact point, explosively open the hips and shrug up, but DO NOT BEND ARMS until AFTER the shrug.  Remember, if the arms bend, the power ends.  This ensures the most efficient use of the hip movement (most power). -After shrug, pull your body UNDER the bar.  Do NOT catch the bar high.  This is not a power clean.  Drop as quickly as possible to the front squat catch position. -Turn the elbows over QUICKLY!  When you land, the elbows should be pointing as HIGH as possible.  Then, continue to drive the elbows up as you come out of the squat.

Split Jerk Notes: -Before dropping into dip, take a big breath and get your chest UP as much as possible. -Dip, drive, and aggressively push under the bar! -Hit active shoulder in the split position.  Meaning, drive your head through.  The bar should be in line with your shoulder blades.  This provides the most stable landing position. -Finish by standing up fully.


On the Min Every Min for 15min:

1 C&J @ 80% of 1RM

*10 Burpee penalty for every missed attempt after the WOD*

Post weight used to comments/

If you are wondering what your 1RM for Clean and Jerk is, the last time we set  1RM on this was 16April

On that day, the folks who recorded their results in LOGWOD were..

logan westlund   155

Kory Lancaster   165

Braden Hestermann 185

Marco Serna   215

Randy Norwood   225

Mieke Oostveen   105

Bridgett Kramer   105

Brooke Bynum    115

For those of you who didn’t record your 1RM, or who don’t have an established one rep, during skill work, find a weight you can handle for 7 consecutive reps.  Keep moving up in weight, but stick with this rep count.  Once you hit a set where you can’t hit 7 reps, you will use the weight from your last successful set.

Cash Out:

3 Attempts at Max consecutive  Double Unders

Post highest number attained unbroken to comments/

Pic courtesy of CrossFit Omaha.  Congrats to the three athletes from Nebraska that all did awesome at the CrossFit Games.  Philip Kniep finished 28th in the men’s, Stacie Tovar finished 12th overall for the ladies, and Kyle Kasperbauer made it to the podium, being crowned 3rd Fittest Man On Earth, 2012.  Congrats to all three of you.  You and all the top CF athletes inspire all of us every day.

Pic Courtesy of Physics CrossFit.  Well, as the 2012 CrossFit Games season ends, today starts the 2013 season.  Are you going to do it?  Might as well, since the CrossFit Open workouts that will be scheduled in Feb. next year will be the schedule WOD for us as well.  Scared?  Intimidated?  Don’t be.  It’s just like what you do every day.  Why not give it everything you have like we do day in and day out?  What have you got to lose?  I am hereby challenge each of you to make a commitment to give next year a try.  Post your acceptance of this challenge in comments.  If (or should I say WHEN) you accept, we, your coaching staff will do everything in our power to not only continue to make you the fittest folks on Offutt, but make sure you are as prepared as possible to give the Games a go next year.