Monday 20141124 Open Class

Posted: November 23, 2014 by sowtman in Uncategorized


Here is a pic of Coach Kim and her sister enjoying a San Fransisco 49er  game….we hope everyone this week is preparing to somehow spend time with their loved ones as this time of the year is all about Family!


Bench Press

5, 5, 5+ adding 2.5 lbs to the weight used on 17 Nov



20 min AMRAP

5 Deadlifts 315/185

10 Burpees over Bar

15 Ring Dips


Scaling Options:

DL: 285/155 or 225/125

Ring Dips: Use band as needed to ensure full depth is hit

Scale weight on both as needed

Form over going heavy, but keep intensity



2min Doorway Stretch

2min Banded lat stretch

2min Kneeling forearm stretch

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