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Friday 20130628 Open Workout

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Today starts the next cycle of Strength Focus in our S/S/S (Strength/Skill/Sport) piece.  The next couple of months we will take you through a progression dedicated in improving raw, basic strength.  A lot of the S-work over these next couple of months will center around three basic lifts.  The Squat, the Dead Lift, and The Press.  So, to get a good baseline, today our WOD will be a CrossFit staple…



crossfit-total-imagepic courtesy of CrossFit Ft Hood

CrossFit Total:

The sum of the best of 3 Attempts at:
Back Squat
Shoulder Press


Post total to Comments/LogWOD

The last time we did this was Aug 6th, 2013 (Click here for a refresher).  Look back in your log books and see if you improved.

Video courtesy of CrossFit Hoboken.  Dave Lipson going over the standards for the movements in the CrossFit Total.  We need to see full rep range for the lift to count.  Let’s do some work!



Cash Out:

Spend 10 minutes mashing (use rollers, lacrosse balls, bars, etc…) whatever is tight


Firebreather Piece (Done outside of class on your own time):

10×1 : Box Jumps. Maximal Height.  Add height every round.  Rest as needed between rounds.