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Tuesday 20130618 Open Workout

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Bobby TonyAnother great pic from the Welcome Home event last week.  Here Coach Bobby Tony catches up with his kids.  This is why we CrossFit.  To get back home in one piece to smiling faces like these…




Hang Power Snatch 6×2 @ 80% of Muscle Snatch 1RM

(guess what you just set yesterday?)

Sets start Every Minute on the Minute



 Video courtesy of TD Strength and Conditioning.  With the Hang Power Snatch, stnad up with the weight with hips and kees fully locked out.  Then, keeping back straight, bend at the hips until the weight is at mid-thigh.  Then explosively open the hips, knees and ankles, pulling the bar with theat momentum.  then pull the body under the bar, locking out overhead as you hit a quarter squat.  Now, since 80% of your 1RM on Muscle Snatch, it should be slightly easier to Hang Power Snatch it.  That means, focus on perfect technique and SPEED!


Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD



“Recognizable Randy”
3 Rounds For Time:

25 Ab-mat Sit ups
25 Power Snatch (75/55)


12min Cut-off


Post Time to Comments/LogWOD



Cash Out:

Banded Anterior Hip Stretch



Firebreather Piece (done outside of class time on your own):

Snatch High Pull @ 120% of 1RM

Rest 3 minutes then…

Ball Slam