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As stated earlier in the week, Cornhusker CrossFit will be putting on a fundraiser for the Hazlett family.


For those that missed the pic, read below:

Cornhusker CrossFit Fund raiser


So, if you cannot make it to Cornhusker CrossFit in Lincoln at 1000, not to fear!  We have worked out an agreement with Cornhusker CrossFit and Fit2Fight to run the Fundraiser WODs they have designed at our facility at 0900 Saturday morning.  The coach in charge will take whatever donations you can give.  Not a requirement, but who doesn’t want to give to this great cause? 


So the WODs will be….




Can’t announce them early.  Don’t want to spoil the surprise for those hitting up Cornhusker CrossFit.

We can tell you this….

There MIGHT be a Team WOD.


There MAY be an Individual WOD.


You WILL be good and worked by the end of this, but will enjoy yourself and maybe even learn something new about what you are capable of doing.
Come in and enjoy the fun and help a little girl’s life at the same time.  Win-Win!!!