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Friday 20130607 Open Workout

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split-jerkPic courtesy of CrossFit Oahu


Split Jerk from Rack 8×1 @ 83% of 1RM


Set starts every minute


Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.   With as much as we have to get through to get you prepped for the jerk, we won;t have time in class to do the above mobility piece, but I HIGHLY suggest you make it in 10-20 minutes before class and do both movements K-Starr shows you.  These will be key to proper hip and spinal position as well as opening up the shoulders to allow you to hit the most secure active shoulder position with the weight overhead.  Who doesn’t want a stable active shoulder when you have weight overhead?  I’ll tell you who.  The person who likes having a bar crash on their head.




3 Rounds for Time:
-10 Jerks from the back (135/95)
-50 Double Unders


Post time to Contacts/LogWOD


Video courtesy of CrossFit Minneapolis.  For the Jerk from the back, you have to show an actual jerk, meaning after you start driving the bar up, you must drop back under the bar.  You can do power jerk (as in the video) or split jerk.  Just remember, this is for time, so doing power jerk would result in faster turnover on reps.  Important note:  take care on how the bar lands on your back.  First off, don’t let it hit too high on you, as that will jack up your neck, but don;t aim too low or you’ll lose the bar.  Aim for the pocket the traps make.  Next, bend the knees as the bar makes contact to absorb the shock.  now, from a strategy standpoint, as you absorb the shock, you could drop right into the dip of your next rep.  Just make sure this is done safely.



Cash Out:

-Lunge with 1 dumbbell Overhead x 5 reps each side for 3 rounds

-Hang from bar – 3 min total

Video courtesy of Kevin Neeld



Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class time):


(Read: Mobility.  If you are skipping this, you’re fooling yourself.  If you feel you are at the level to be a Firebreather, then you should know the importance of mobility.  To skip it is to tempt failure)