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Tuesday 20130625 Open Workout

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Karen and Nic

Karen and Nic Doty reppin’ at CrossFit NGG!



Find Snatch Max


You’ll have 15 Minutes to do this.

Post highest successful weight to Comments/LogWOD


Today and tomorrow wrap up the Oly-centric cycle we have been doing since 3May.  If you were here that day (click here for a refresher), see if you hit a higher number today than you did then.



“Revolving Kaleidoscope”

4 Rounds, 3 Stations. Each For Reps:

1. Shoulder2OH* (135/95)
2. Double Unders
3. Pull ups
Round 1 = 50sec Work/ 10sec Rest
Round 2 = 40sec Work/ 20sec Rest
Round 3 = 30sec Work/ 30sec Rest
Round 4 = 1min Work


Post total reps to Comments/LogWOD


*For Shoulder2Overhead, you must take the bar from the ground to start.  Once you pick it up, smart money is going to say NOT to put it down until time is called.


Cash Out:

3 rounds 6 reps:
Pressing Snatch Balance w/ empty bar or PVC

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Make sure you time it that you lock your arms out right as you hit the bottom of your overhead squat.  The slow movement of these is great for working core stabilization, which is why we have you doing them.



Firebreather Piece (Done outside of class on your own time):

-5×3 Weighted C2B Pull ups

-Spend 5min Working Jump Rope:

Option 1) One legged Double Unders
Option 2) Double Unders
Option 3) Backwards Jumping Rope

-3×5 Strict Ring Muscle Ups