Thursday 20130627 Open Workout

Posted: June 26, 2013 by totactfit01 in Uncategorized

JP CrossFit Carpe Diem

There was a JP sighting at CrossFit Carpe Diem!





Time for another day dedicated to fixing what aches, annoys, limits, and is tight.  I can’t stress enough how important daily mobility is.  But it is good to take a day like today and spend some extra time improving range of motion, fixing positions, and feeling better!  Don’t skip today.  After the hard work from Tuesday and Wednesday and for what is planned for Friday…you’re gonna need it!


Heel Cord/Calf mobility 2 min per side

Videos courtesy of Mobility WOD


Hamstring and Hip Mobility 2 min per side per drill (so a total of 8 minutes)


Quad and Hip Mobility – 3 min per side


Thoracic Spine Mobility – 3 min


Overhead Mobility – 2 min per side


So, I highly suggest going out and getting two lacrosse balls and some tape.   This is an investment that will save your life down the road!

  1. Ben Yates says:

    Seize the Day!

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