Tuesday 20130730 Open Workout

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Stacie Zig ZagKyle Clean and JerkPics courtesy of The CrossFit Games and Megan Guthmiller

Huge Congrats to Omaha’s own Stacie Tovar and Kyle Kasperbauer in their performances at the CrossFit Games this past weekend.  Both finished in the Top 20 of their divisions.  You guys always make the Midwest proud!



Bench Press


Add 5lbs to weight used 22Jul (click here for a refresher) or 75% of 1RM if you weren’t here

First set is for 5, second set will be max reps.

Rules for the Second Set:

-No bouncing off the chest

-No raising your butt off the bench

-No help from your spotter

If any of these things happen, your set has completed


Post total reps of last set to Comments/LogWOD


Partner WOD:

15 Minutes AMRAP:
-Max Weighted Push Ups (45/25)
-400M Run
* Once teammate 1 places plate on teammate 2’s back, teammate 1 will start running
* When teammate 1 return from run, teammates switch positions

* Score is total combined push-ups


Post Team members and score to Comments/LogWOD


So, once partner 1 puts the plate on partner 2’s back, partner 1 takes off for a 400M run as partner 2 does as many reps as they can with a plate on their back.  If partner 2 hits failure before partner 1 gets back, partner 2 should go to the bottom of their push up, shake the arms out and try to go again.  Don’t take plate off your back until partner returns to take it off.  Once partner 1 gets back, swap places.  Rinse and repeat.  Goal on Push Ups is maintain solid position under load.  When that fails, go to the ground and reset.

Video courtesy of Joe Sansalone.  Neghar Fonooni of OPTI performs the push up with a 45 pound plate on her back.  Only As you can see, the plate will go on the back, high up enough that it won’t cause you to arch your back, but not higher than the traps as to make sure you don’t hurt your neck.  The one thing I DON’T want you doing from this video is at the top of your push up, don;t round your shoulders over.  Keep them externally rotated like you did in the bench.

Cash Out:

Partner Shoulder/Pec Stretch – 2 min

Roll Thoracic – 2 min


Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class time):

B) 3x Max Rep Stationary Dips

I) 6×30 sec Plyo Push-up

Plyo Push Up = set two 45# plates shoulder width apart.  Place hands behind plates as you assume push up position. DO push up, but as you come up, explode up so hands land on plates, do push up on plate, explode up and land behind plates.

  1. […] 5# to weight used 30Jul (click here for a refresher) or use 80% of 1RM is you were not […]

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