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Wednesday 20130703 Open Workout

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baby tactfit

Ariana Gundrum – CrossFit Games Champ:2033.  So, seeing this pic made me think, what other clothing items are you guys interested in us trying to get?  We’ve done shirts, tanks, shorts, hoodies.  What else do y’all want us to come up with?  Post in comments on on Facebook.


4 Rounds, not for time:
-2 Deadlifts (400/245)
-2 Back Squat (300/185)
-2 Clean and Jerk (200/125)

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD

If the prescribed (RX’d) weights are above your 1RM, then use 90-92% of your 1RM for these lifts

Goal is to go from one move to the next per round with no more rest then it takes to walk from one bar to the other.  Yes, that means this WOD will take 3 bars.  Since it is not for time, you will team up with someone.  Your rest time will be however long it takes to change weights between lifters and however long it takes your partner to finish a round.  For the Jerk, you can use either split or power (push) jerk.

Cash Out:

-Mash Party – 5 min on tight spots

-Spine decompression- hang from pull up bar for 2 minutes

Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class time):

3 Rounds Not For Time:

15 Toe2Bar

10 Deficit Handstand Push ups

5 Bar Muscle Ups

Deficit Handstand Push Ups: Set plates where your hands will land.  You can star with 10#, work up to 25s or 45s, or stacks.  Or, use the sturdy parallettes