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Wednesday 20130717 Open Workout

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Courtland airbourne

Courtland flying the TOTF colors at Tori Station, Japan.  My question is, how you gonna get down? 🙂


Weighted Pull-ups 5×5

If you can do weighted, do strict

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD


Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Feel free to try any variation of holding onto the weight.  Only things that need to stay consistant.
1. Both hands in a pull up grip, not chin up.
2. No kipping.  Today is about strict
3. No pez head. Keep neutral head position.


Continued Skill Work:

1) 10min work Headstand to Handstand

Videos courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  In this video, Carl describes the idea head position to hold a headstand where the neck is aligned with the body as a system. Once you are comfortable with your head position in this tripod/headstand hold in a globally flexed position, then it becomes easier to transition to neutral and globally extended positions that you find in straight-body headstands and handstands.

2) 10min work Handstand Push ups

For this, we’ll give you the option of either going through the progression Carl Paoli demonstrates or going right into kicking up onto the wall and working handstand push ups.  In the case of the latter, hands push up width, index finger pointing at the wall, elbows pointing back. A decent distance (6-10”) from the wall so that when we kick up, our butt does not push us off. Kick up with arms extended (one leg drives off the ground, the other leg leads to find the wall). Lower yourself down with elbows pointing to the opposite side of the room (coming into a loaded position with external rotation; when elbows flair out shoulder goes into ugly and painful internal rotation). Drive up by pressing through the ground until fully extended with hells touching the wall at the top. During this movement, the head will move similar to the press. When you are in full extension, press head forward through the arms. As you lower yourself head will actually be received in front of the hands.

3) 10min work Handstand Walk

Video courtesy of Dogtown CrossFit.  Things to remember in Handstand walking; keep a tight core and active shoulders. Think about pointing toes, squeezing butt, tight tummy, and active shoulders. Movements for HS walk comes from hips, core, and shoulders; Not arms. You will want to learn how to shift their weight/hips from side to side either on a box, the wall, and eventually the floor. While handstand walking, you should still be able to see your hands (not looking up) and thumbs under head. Biggest problem we see is soft or weak cores. Think about trying to balance a broom or PVC on one finger. As long as that object stays stiff, it is easier to balance. What would happen if that broom or pipe was soft or made of rubber. It crumbles or falls over. Stay tight and rigid.



Cash Out:

10 Cartwheels

5 Round offs

3 Rope Climbs

Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class time):

Beginner & Intermediate:

3x Max Dumbell Rows

Intermediate: Tabata Chest 2 Bar Kipping or C2B Pull-ups