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Saturday 20130706 Open Workout @0900

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drea OH


Please come join us at 0900 for a special WOD dedicated to two people who were two of the biggest reasons we got the TactFit program up and running; Colonel Andrea (Drea) and Gavin Tullos.  Not only have they been awesome coaches, but the biggest supporters of our program.  They have been freinds, mentors, leaders to each and every one of us coaches.  It is with heavy hearts that we wish them well on their next assignment.  You will be missed.  BUT, before they go, one more WOD….






Any of you who have been around Gavin know that he was the one who started that saying that was on our original shirts.  It’s a battle cry for stepping up and doing what has to be done.  Using positive energy to motivate you and those around you.  CAN!

You’ll have to show up to see what the WOD entails.  It’s a surprise for them and you.  Only clue is…it’s a TEAM WOD!!!