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Friday 20130712 Open Workout

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Front Squat

4×3 @ 80% of your Back Squat 1RM

Post weight used to Comments/LogWOD


Picture courtesy of CrossFit 714.  This pic helps illustrate the importance of elbow position in the Front Squat.  In the pic to the left, the lady’s elbows are dangerously close to hitting her knees which could result in a broken wrist or worse.  Her torso is hunched over, resulting in back strain, not to mention the strain on her shoulders by not having a shelf for the bar.  Also, her knees are out further part her feet, putting undue stress on the knees.  By correcting how high her elbows are (pic on the right), all those issues get fixed. 

Also, correct this position BEFORE you begin your squat.  Trying to correct form with a load already being forced against the body results in better position, but not OPTIMAL position.  That happens BEFORE you begin the move.





 3 Rounds:

250m Row

25 Push ups

5 Power Cleans (225/135)


12min Time Cap


Post time to Comments/LogWOD



Cash Out:

Run/Jog (not walk) to your car



Firebreather Piece (Done on your own outside of class):