Thursday 20120927 Open Workout

Posted: September 26, 2012 by totactfit01 in Uncategorized

Day 4 of 21-15-9 week brings a WOD that HAS to be done unbroken for every movement to get the desired effect.  But first…


Strict Press:
3 reps @ 75% of 1RM

3 reps @ 85%

3+ reps  @ 95%

Sets start every 3 min

Post reps achieved in the last set to comments/

Video courtesy of CrossFit Santa Clara.  2009 Games Champ Jason Khalipa going over the important points of the press.  As he states, ensure your feet are set at hip width, your hands just outside shoulder width, and the elbows down and in front of the bar.  What having the elbows down in front does a couple of key things.  First, it helps keep your shoulder from internally rotating (rounding forward), therefore keeps it in a more stable position allowing you to better control the load.  Secondly, moving those elbows forward also engages the lats (your back), adding to your stabilization.  More stable starting position=less likely to overextend your back=keeping you safe=getting stronger.


“Black Lung”

5 Minute Time Limit:
Box Jumps 20″
Ball Slam (20/16)

Post time to comments/   Also, if you had to do any scaling, post it to comments/

I believe this WOD originated at CrossFit Omaha, but I could be mistaken.  You must do this unbroken to get the true effect. If you can’t do this unbroken, scale the reps a bit so you can. If there is one workout that has different results if done unbroken vs. broken, it’s this one. Even if you go 18-12-6, 15-12-9, or 12-9-6, do this one unbroken and as fast as you can. Does this mean scale down just so you can survive?  Hell No!  It means push your body to the limit.  If your limit is below RX, then you take that number and adjust accordingly.  But, what feels better, laying in a pool of your own sweat gasping for air with the satisfaction that you pushed yourself to the limit, or having minimal difficulty breathing, a little sweat, but knowing in your heart that you did not go as hard as you could, and therefore did not improve?  If you answered the latter, please reconsider why you are doing this.  If you chose the former, than prove it and go UNBROKEN on this WOD!  CAN!

Cash Out:

Mash Achille’s tendon on bar
3 min ea side

Couch Stretch 2 min per side

Wanted to post this last week, but had lots of things we needed posted out.  Big congrats to our own Coach Jeff Hart in his re-enlistment a few days back.  And special thanks to Col Tullos for administering the oath.  Always a special time when someone re-enlists.  Even more special when it’s done in the TactFit area!

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