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Friday 20120907 Open Workout

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Turkish Get-up. 

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  SPecialty course trainer Jeff Martone going over the finer points of the Turkish Get Up with a kettle bell.  Want to learn some more fun Kettle Bell stuff?  Come out this Saturday at 0900 for a seminar on the KB swing by our own Coach John “JP” Palumbo!

Today we’ll teach the Turkish Get Up technique.  This will be followed by…

2 Rounds  for time:

5 (per side) Turkish Get-ups

10 Box Jumps from sitting (30/24)

Post time to comments/

Video courtesy of CrossFit Ozarks.  Men will sit at a 20″ box.  Women from 18″.

By doing these from a seated position, you take away the stretch reflex.  This will improve your explosive power.  Meaning?  Better sprints, more power in squats, more power in any motion requiring hip movement, ect…

After that, we break into teams of three

TEAM WOD (Teams of 3)
For Time:
A: 100 KB Swing (1.5/1)
B: 100 Back Squat (135/95)
C: 100 Med-ball Sit ups

Only one team member can work at one time.  The other two must hold the following positions…

During KB Swings – other two must hold the bottom of an air squat

During Back Squat – other two must hold a bar over head (45/25)

During Med Ball Sit Ups –  other two must hold the top of a push up

Reps cannot start until the other two members are holding these positions.  When one drops the position, reps stop until there are two members holding the position.

Post team members name and time to comments.  By all means, talk smack (clean) about other teams here!  Get competitive!

Cash Out:

Pidgeon Pose

Video courtesy of CrossFit Charlottesville.  Body position is key here


Coach Jason showing the TOTF colors at CrossFit Purgatory.  Way to be Jason!