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Thursday 20120913 Open Workout

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3 Attempts (for distance) of Triple Jump

Video courtesy of USATFweb.  Few things have to happen for the triple jump…

 Running start, 10-15m.

The Jump itself is broken down into 3 phases.
1)The first phase requires the athlete to jump off one foot.
2)The second is to land on the same foot and jump again.
3)The third time you’ll land on the other foot and jump into the pit.
*Note: If your stronger foot is your left, then go right, right, left. If it’s the right foot, then go left, left, right. Try starting with both legs though.*
Athletes will land with both feet seeing as we do not have a giant sand pit (make that crash pad).
 Spend 5-10min working it slowly and then up to speed for the attempts.

Post longest jump to comments/


“King Kong”
1 DL (455/300)
2 Muscle Up
3 Squat Clean (250/175)

Post time to comments/

Don’t let the weights above stop you from coming.  There are scaling options.  What are they?  Guess you’ll have to show up.

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  2-time Games Champ, RIch Froning doing King Kong back in 2011 after competing as part of CrossFit Faith’s Affiliate Cup Team in the South East Regionals.  Can you keep up?

Cash Out:

Max Time:
HandStand Hold


3 rounds 10 good mornings (empty bar)

Video courtesy of 13Stripes CrossFit.  For those competing this Saturday and feeling a bit nervous.  Watch this.  Listen to the message.  Don’t critique the athletes featured’s technique.  Rather, see their heart to go on.  CAN!