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Wednesday 20120905 Open Workout

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First, this Saturday, instead of our normal Open workout at 0900, we will have a Kettle Bell Seminar led by Coach John “JP” Palumbo.  For anyone who wants to get better in Kettle Bell Swings, Kettle Bell Snatches, Turkish Get-Ups, ect… you want to come to this seminar!

Second, if you are going to the Throwdown at Fit2Fight  on the 15th, please email our gmail account so we can get an accurate number to the guys working on the logistics.  I want a sea of TOTF rolling up there!


Spend 5min Working Muscle Up.  Followed by…

EMOM 10min:

1 Muscle Up, 4 Ring Dip

Video courtesy of CrossFit Santa Clara.  Jason Khalipa going over the muscle up progression we use.  We will go over the points of performance at class for those not familiar.  For those who have been working on these, start from where you last got to in the progression.  For those who have muscle ups, try getting strict MUs down.

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“TOTF Benchmark”
For Time:
Run 200m

20 WB (20/14)

15 Box Jumps (24/20)

1 Round of  Bear Complex (95/65)

15 KB Swing (1.5/1)

20 Burpees

100 Single Unders

That’s right.  We’re hitting up what has become the first Benchmark for many of our TOTF Athletes.  I bet there are going to be some of last week’s On-Ramp graduates that will get their second taste of this WOD in so many weeks.   Can you beat your last attempt at this WOD? 

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Cash Out:

Banded Lat Stretch


Big thanks to Coach John Hendricks for fixing our broken plyo box.  Hopefully we made it idiot proof…..