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Monday 20120910 Open Workout

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Overhead Squat:

Pic courtesy of CrossFit Ethos.  CrossFit HQ’s Nicole Gordon hitting OHS.

Let’s take this back to the basics and remember our set up and execution points…


• Stance = shoulder width, toes slightly pointed outward

• Full extension at hips and knees (standing up straight)

• Bar held overhead, in the frontal plane, with a wide grip (snatch grip)

• Active shoulders (shrug and have arm pits pointing forward)



• Weight on heels

• Lumbar curve maintained

• Chest up

• Maintain constant upward pressure on the bar, and active shoulders, to support the load (imagine you’re pressing the bar up the whole time)

• Bar remains in the frontal plane or slightly behind (if bar goes forward, gravity works and you’ll lose it)

• Butt travels back and down (in case you missed that, BUTT TRAVELS BACK AND DOWN)

• Bottom of squat is below parallel (hip crease is below the top of the kneecap)

• Knees track parallel to feet (knees should not cave in)

• Head position is neutral (don’t look up or down)

• Return to full extension at the hips and knees to complete the move (rep doesn’t end until you are standing fully upright)

5 reps @ 75%   of 1RM

3 reps @ 85%

1+ @ 95%

Remember, 1+ means do one rep, then go until you can’t go!

Post reps completed in last set to comments/  Also, list weight used to logwod comments and the comments section here


AMRAP 20min:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

Post successful full rounds to comments/   Post any partial rounds to comments section on logwod and comments here as well.

Video courtesy of CrossFit Park City.  With a low rep count per round, this might be the perfect time to implement Butterfly Pull Ups, if you have them.  Maybe take a few minutes and go through the drill Chris Spealler demonstrates here.

Cash Out:

Max Rep Ring Dip
Rest 60 sec between attempts

Don’t forget, this coming Saturday morning, Fit2Fight is holding a Throw Down, and we’re all invited!  They are located at 819 S. 7th St.  Click on the picture  for directions.  Cost is just $5! Doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are at.  This is one of the things CrossFit is made for.  Being ready to perform any sport, even the sport of Fitness!  Plus, let’s show the other local affiliates the great community we have here at TOTF!
Lastly, to let you in on a little secret,  we are in the working phases of hosting a Team-based Throwdown of our own in a month or so.  Come get a taste of how these things go before we have one out here!