Tuesday 20120925 Open Workout

Posted: September 24, 2012 by totactfit01 in Uncategorized

Welcome to Day 2 of 21-15-9 Week!  Did you enjoy “Diane”?  What round was the hardest?  Tell you what, I have a challenge for you.  For the rest of this week’s WODs, I want you to make it your goal to go unbroken on the 15 round.  Do it and see how quick these WODs can fly by!


Back Squat
Every Minute On the Minute for 12 min
3 reps @ 80-85% of 1RM

Post weight used to comments/www.logwod.com

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  So, ever wonder where our Super Squat Hip Sequence came from?  Check out this video.  When you do it today, feel what areas are getting stretched out. Then, think about what those areas have to do in your squat.  Now, use that to your advantage to keep your body in the best position for a squat and knock these reps out!


For Time

Row (cal)
Sit Ups (with ab mat)
Broad Jumps (length/width of mat)

Post time to comments/www.logwod.com

Video courtesy of Concept2 Australia.  The tips one here are good ones if you’re looking to up the intensity while you’re on the rower without burning yourself out.  Remember, on the rower, going quicker through the recover won’t mean a quicker stroke or knocking off more calories.

Video courtesy of Northstate CrossFit.  As in the video, today, ladies, every jump, you need to clear the width of a mat.  Gentlemen, you must clear the length of a mat for the rep to count.

Cash Out:

3×10 Butterfly Pull Ups or Pull Up progression sheet (we have extras in our cage), try to move to next level

Coach Kelly Hendricks representing at CrossFit Biloxi Beach.  Good luck in NCO  Academy Kelly!

  1. Kelly H. says:

    Whoo! I’m famous!

  2. Courtland says:

    I accept your challenge kind sir. Lol

  3. Ben Yates says:

    I like that video on the rower. It explains with a demonstration and has the little numbers too. 🙂

  4. Brooke bynum says:

    Yay kelly! We miss you!

  5. Softride says:

    This was a GREAT WOD! Not only because the afternoon class CRUSHED the best time from the AM class, but because it had some variety.
    Thanks to the programmers for this one! Keep up the great work.

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