Wednesday 20140402 Open Class

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summer showdown

Looking for the Best in the Mid-West!

Team Offutt Tactical Fitness is hosting a singles competition June 14, 2014. Consisting of 25 RX men, 25 RX women, 25 scaled men, 25 scaled women, 20 masters men, and 20 masters women.

Register Now



Make up Monday- Handstand Walks

3 attempts max distance


Make up Tuesday- Deadlifts

1 set of 15 Unbroken @ 60% of 1RM



3 Rounds:
1 Min Max Hand Release Push-Ups
1 Min max Butterfly Sit-Ups
Run 1 Lap
Score 1 – total time for WOD
Score 2 – total Push-Up and Sit-Up reps

Post scores to comments/ LogWOD


Xtra Work:

Glute Ham Raise

Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Doorway stretch
Cobra stretch
IT Band Roll outs – 10 passes each


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