Thursday 20140403 Open Class

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Time to play and have some good times! Picture courtesy of


Front Squat
1 set of 15 Unbroken @ 60% of 1RM
(do at 2-3 warm up sets prior)

Post weight to comments/ LogWOD



Hoover Ball!!!

Rules (courtesy of Spartan Fit Volleyball):

Form teams of 4 (extra players rotate in with the serve)

  1. Points are scored when a team: fails to catch the return, fails to return the ball across the net, returns the ball out-of-bounds.
  2. Rally scoring; games are played to a total of 10. Games must be won by 2 with a 15 point cap. When time is constrained games are played to 5, won by 2 with a 7 point cap.
  3. The ball is served from behind the free throw line (we’ll set the playing field size when you arrive).
  4. The ball must be caught on the fly and immediately returned from the point it was caught. There is no running with the ball or passing to teammates.
  5. Tip balls caught by another player are allowed as long as it is not deemed an obvious pass.
  6. A ball that hits the out-of-bounds line is a good return.
  7. A player who catches the ball out-of-bounds, or is carried out-of-bounds by the force of the ball, may return in-bounds before the return.
  8. A ball that hits the net on its way over is a live ball.
  9. Good sportsmanship is required. Points in dispute are played over.

Video courtesy of David Wood @ CrossFit Little Rock 501.



Xtra Work:

5 min double wall ball practice

Video courtesy of RigorousMedia.


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Slow Boot Strap x10

Video courtesy of  MyFitN3.

Cat/Cow x10

Cossack Squat x10

Video courtesy of FitnessFaqs.





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