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Tuesday 20140422 Open Class

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Jeff at Owensboro CrossFit in Owensboro Kentucky while home visiting family for the holiday weekend.



Back Squat 5×5 @ 70% 1RM

Sets Start every 90 seconds

(Back Squat 1RM 4/7/14)

Post weight to comments/ LogWOD



Cluster = Squat Clean and Thruster, every rep starts from the ground. Clean and  Jerk 1RM 4/16/14.  Video courtesy of RougeFitness.

4 Rounds:
3 Muscle Ups
6 Clusters with 65% of C&J 1RM
9 Burpees over bar
12 Deadlifts w/Cluster weight

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6min EMOM:

10 (total) DB Walking lunge (55/30)

Keep arms straight throughout the movement


Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Video courtesy of Andrew Heming.

5 minute roll out of -Hamstrings

2 sets of 1 minute Downward dog pose

Butterfly stretch with back against wall